Cold Smoke is proud to partner with coffee shops and retailers across the county to bring in some of the highest quality coffees available. We are a micro batch roaster only and currently roast on a Diedrich IR-12. We consider ourselves to be a "light roast" coffee company and desire to develop coffees slowly allowing each origin of coffee to dictate the final flavor profile without over roasting or burning the coffee. We traffic in both single origins and blends and would love to hear about your needs and how we might serve you. If your interested in our whole sale program please fill out the form below.

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Meet John


It all started when...

we realized as a company if we wanted to serve the absolutely highest quality coffee possible we needed to be in control of our own destiny. In the early years of our business we sourced coffee from reputable roasters such as Intelligentsia Coffee, but soon we found that our customers wanted a true high quality product like Intelligentsia, but they wanted it made in Montana. With that in mind our owner and general manager (pictured above) embarked on the journey of roasting, sourcing, cupping and developing coffee from around the globe. We are proud to say we serve some of the finest coffees available to be sourced and we would love to partner with you and your shop to bring in a beautiful selection of coffees roasted here in Montana. John our general manager pictured above has been working in coffee for 12 years and has been here at Cold Smoke for 4. He works directly with the owner in all things "coffee" and is the leader of our coffee program. We source only top grade coffees from a variety of agents including high end import companies and through farm direct relations. We are able to provide coffee for your stores own use and for your retail sales. Coffee is roasted fresh to order for each wholesale client. Please contact us if you are interested in our product!