Caleb, Laura and their two girls.

The Shop

Cold Smoke was born in the Fall of 2011, when Bozeman Natives Caleb and Laura Walker returned to Montana after living in Portland Oregon. The Walkers desired to open a "different" kind of coffee shop. 

A store that encouraged sitting for hours and building community.

A store that was committed to excellent coffee and brewing practices.

A store that embraced the community of Bozeman.

A store that gave back.

The Owners

With no business background and simply a love for coffee, and people, the Walkers stepped into a new adventure of pursuing their dream. Almost 4 years later Cold Smoke is fulfilling that dream. The Walkers are proud parents of two little girls and Caleb and Laura actively work in the store. They often can be found spending their date nights playing games in a back booth. Their hearts are to serve and care for the needs of the people in their shop and the wonderful community of Bozeman, MT. They love all things Bozeman including Bobcat Game Days, Hiking, Hunting and most importantly, the snow.